• Will you arrange a burial or cremation?
  • Will you have the funeral service at a Church, Chapel, or other venue?
  • Would you prefer a memorial service or no service at all?
  • Do you have a preferred Minister or would you prefer me to arrange a Minister?
  • Do you require the service of an organist/piper/CD music etc?
  • Do you have preferred Hymn (s)/Music items?
  • Is the service to be advertised in the newspaper?
  • Do you want flowers; if so, colour preference and type of flowers?
  • Do you require Hymn sheets (order or service bulletins)?
  • Do you want refreshments for approximately how many people, after the service?
  • Do you want pall bearers or must the coffin placed in church/chapel?

Funeral directors charges or service fees

Covers costs such as the use of mortuary facilities, supplying the hearse and equipment, providing trained personnel, administration costs etc.

Regardless of what you decide to spend on the funeral, you will find that my complete services offer alternatives to meet your wishes and to suit your means. I am prepared to provide any type of service desired, from the inexpensive to the more elaborate. I aim to meet your needs.

Cost of the coffin

Prices vary according to quality of materials, design and construction. The choice of how much or how little is spent on the casket is entirely the decision or the family or next or Kin.


Represent any payment made on behalf of the family-always with the family’s consent-such as flowers, church fees, newspaper notices, crematorium, cemetery etc.

Payment of the funeral account

The person responsible for the Funeral account is the one who signs the authorisation for the funeral to be conducted.

Payment can be done by cheque, cash or electronic banking (24 hours before service day)