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Dear Aletta
I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your kindness and compassion.

Thank you so much for making the effort in forwarding to me the funeral letter and bulletin. It was lovely to see recent photos of Lisa, which I will always treasure. My immense appreciation.

It is absolutely surreal for me to face that within the hour this beautiful person will be no more in body.
With her …. goes a part of me.

Thank you for my good bye to her. Very sweet of you.

It is comforting to know that she was in your good and loving hands.

Regards and in thanks.

To my love:
“My funny Valentine ….you made my heart smile.”
” Stay funny Valentine …please stay”

I will always think of you and will miss you … as I always have.
Rest, my love, the pain and suffering is no more.

Unedited email from Shaun

Bernard Ives has been running this organisation since its inception 15 years ago, initially as the owner and manager.

Aletta joined the organisation having already had 5 years experience in the funeral industry working from the ground floor to running a branch of a large Funeral company. She now runs Bernard Ives Funerals as the Manager.

Sheila has been a shadow in the organisation since its inception 15 years ago, assisting with the administration. She has had 8 years experience with an NPO terminal illness organisation and has gained great insight into the bereavement and compassion.